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30 September 2008

The new normal

We've been here 10 days now. I'm still running around doing errands -- looking into health insurance, signing up at the video store, the gym, opening the bank accounts, etc. At the supermarket, Woolworths (yes, same company as our old Woolworths but here they seem to be just supermarkets) I take forever because almost nothing there is anything like what I could buy in the States, with the possible exception of some types of produce. Also, this Woolworths is located inside a massive 4 story shopping mall, along with Target, Kmart, a department store and many, many small shops selling everything from...well, pretty much anything you might need.

Yesterday I made my first visit to the local quilt shop. It appears that fabric is quite expensive here, if I'm interpreting the prices correctly; at the top of each bolt it said $24 or sometimes $23, which I interpret as the price per metre. Now that is $AUS, and the exchange rate is such that the $US is worth a bit more, but I'm accustomed to prices more like $US 9 or 10 per yard, and a yard is only a little bit smaller than a metre. Ergo: my visits home will include fabric shopping!

On Monday I met with my school advisor to start my education and employment process. I chose mid-February to start my school (and scholarship) clock. It works out to the beginning of fall semester, and it gives me time for some preliminary preparation and investigation. My part-time job is set to start next week, 1 day a week doing various odd jobs around the School of Nursing and Midwifery (hereafter SONM).

In order to get to know midwifery in Australia, I've set myself a task of writing a piece for the JMWH, in 2 parts: clinical practice, and education. Our landlady is, this very day, being induced at 41 weeks ('I really don't want it, but my doctor doesn't want to wait any longer') and I hope to add some spice to the piece with interviewing her after she's had a chance to recover and settle in with babe #2.


This photo was taken from the CityCat, a high-speed catamaran ferry that makes several stops along the Brisbane River between the western and eastern suburbs. It's a great way to commute. From my neighborhood ferry stop, I can be downtown in about 15 minutes. It's a real city, there are nice bridges and tall buildings...

Jacaranda tree in bloom

I shot about 12 of these trees before I got a shot I liked. They have gorgeous purple flowers. It is spring here, after all!

That's per LITRE, mate!

I'm posting this so that you all in the States won't feel too bad about what you have to pay for fuel. Because it's WAY less that we're paying here (one gallon = approximately 4 litres...)

Yup, it's hilly here

You might not expect this -- but Brisbane is very hilly, and some of the hills are really rather steep!
This is the foot of our street, Prospect Terrace. And yup, they drive on the left here.

1/74 Prospect Tce, St Lucia

Our front deck overlooks a park.

16 September 2008

Cool centerpiece at Bobbi & John's

It kept changing colours (this is just a snapshot, as it were) ... could have stared at it for hours.

13 September 2008

Farewell party @ HFC

The MAH OB department threw Marcia and me a fantastic farewell dinner on the evening of 10 September. Here, L to R, are Phyllis, Charlie, Marcia, me, and Robyn.

12 September 2008

Moving chaos

I took this photo before the movers came, and it doesn't really show just how chaotic things were during the whirlwind of activity that ensued when they arrived. I can only say how glad I was when it was over!

11 September 2008

With TH

The same weekend as the reunion, we detoured to Elmira so I could see Dad, aka Big Grandpa, one more time before leaving the States for Oz. We spent a little time with sister Mimi, brother-in-law Jan, and niece Karen and her fiance, soon-to-be husband Vince (see previous post). Dad was our last stop before heading back to Cambridge and inventorying pre-move. Dad & I talked of nothing momentous; it was fine just to listen to his commentary on life for a little while.

He's thrilled when I call him from Oz. Yay SkypeOut!

09 September 2008

Gang of Four at the reunion

Back to the reunion -- these women are the girls I spent most of my high school life with, 40 years ago. Next to me is Sharon Liberatore, now a women's health NP involved in pharmaceutical research; standing behind Sharon and me are Marylou Murry on the left and Carol Pouliot on the right, both retired now but still active. We've aged pretty well, if you ask me...

LHS reunion

Last weekend was my 40th high school reunion. One of the weekend's activities was a tour of the school. It was strange and familiar at the same time. Phil took this photo of me at the main entrance.