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14 February 2010

Amity Jude

I have a new granddaughter! You've probably already guessed her name. She's 12 days old today. This photo was taken a couple of days ago. Isn't she beautiful? I'm working on her baby quilt, which I will photograph and post when it's done. I've been visiting here in VA with her parents and big sister Zara since the 26th of January. The time has flown by and I'll be leaving on Thursday to go back home to Oz. By the time I come back in June, she'll be a whole different person.

10 February 2010

The Aussie Alphabet: D is for Diminutive

You don't need to be in Oz for more than 15 minutes before you realize (realise) that no energy is to be wasted pronouncing unnecessary syllables. While "bottle-o" might be recognizable (recognisable) as Ozspeak for "bottle shop" (which is itself Ozspeak for "liquor store"), you might wonder at "rego" (pronounced with soft g) -- this refers to car license plates and comes from "registration," at 4 syllables clearly way too long a word. You might get "muso" (musician) but would you get "arvo" (afternoon) or "cozzie" (costume, Ozspeak for swimsuit)? Do you fancy "brekky at Macca's" (breakfast at McDonald's)? I live in "Brissie" (Brisbane) where I often need my "sunnies" (sunglasses) and I go grocery shopping at "Woolies" (Woolworths). "Lippie" (lipstick), "bikky" (biscuit, = cookie [must look up etymology of that!]), "bikie" (motorcycle gang member) -- sometimes we talk like we're all still in "kindy" (kindergarten) here.