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14 June 2010

Meta-blogging at convention

What do you call it when someone who blogs is blogging while sitting in a session about blogging? I'm at the 55th annual meeting of the American College of Nurse-Midwives in Washington, DC. Three midwife/health bloggers presented the session, which is almost over now though. Two people have iPads in here, as far as I can see. Are any Aussie midwives blogging? With all the changes coming up so soon, it seems like this would be a good time to start one.

Been to a few good sessions. The one on manual rotation of the OP head was packed with probably 300 people. It looks hard to do, kind of like the Woods screw maneuver only with the head, not the shoulders. I may never get the chance to try it at this point but it should be widely disseminated.

Also been seeing a lot of people I know and explaining my current location and being a student and the research I'm going to be doing. Explaining the research is hard because it's not midwifery, but as soon as I get through it I can see the light bulb go on on the other person's face and out comes the story: "I had my rotator cuff fixed too!" "Why hasn't anyone written about this before?" It really seems like there's something in this.

01 June 2010

Study for "What's wrong with Australia"

I took this photo first yesterday, shooting (as you shouldn't) into the sun. I have no idea how the distortion happened but it's kind of artsy so I'm posting it. You can still see the Liquorland sign and the golden arches on the far right.

Pink poinsettias

You've seen red ones, you've maybe seen white ones, have you seen pink ones?

What's wrong with Australia

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot to like here in Oz. But this one photo really says it all about what's not to like. Too much fast "food," too much booze. And this particular branch of Liquorland, which happens to be a couple of km from my house, is one of the many drive-through liquor stores in Oz. Yeah, you read it right. Drive-through liquor stores.