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29 May 2009

First BMid cohort finishes!

Today, 29 May, was the last day of school for our first graduating cohort of BMid students. Nearly all of them have jobs already. Once the school signs off on them, they only have to take their paperwork down to the Queensland Nursing Council along with the $143 fee, and voila! they'll be licensed to practice. No comps, no boards...

Biostats class

No doubt you are all wondering about what school is like for me. I'm nearly done with an intro to biostatistics course, which I must say has been a valuable review for me. Here we see the course coordinator, Gail, waiting anxiously for the PC to decide whether it will show her lecture slides. The topic was Complex Sampling.

the Blue Room Cinebar

Let's see: how to optimize the movie-going experience? Build small theatres with really cushy seats and small tables between each pair of seats. Give moviegoers assigned seats. Offer them coffee, a full bar, and snacks or light meals, and serve these items at the seats during the film. That, friends, is the Blue Room Cinebar's claim to well-deserved fame.

Who says there's no fall in Queensland?

Here are 2 photos proving that we DO have seasons here. It's just that fall means the temp goes down to the upper 50s/low 60s at night but during the day it's in the 70s and sunny.

Goat at the Royal

So how often do you walk outside a major tertiary health care facility in a major city and find a collection of farm animals in pens on the lawn? There were a cow, a pig, 2 goats, a few sheep, some chickens, geese and a pair of alpacas. This guy had just happily eaten my apple core.

10 May 2009

Moon over campus

Taken on a Friday dusk stroll around the UQ campus.