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10 August 2010


Oh frabjous day, one less thing I have to import from the US. Today I found Dobie sponges in the supermarket. I might add I have changed supermarkets recently. I had been going to Woolworth's (same name, different mission here) because it was close, but decided after a couple of visits that I like the Coles a bit further up the road better. And today (Tuesday being shopping day as it is also Food Connect box day, I pick up my box and then know what I need to augment the box with) I was looking for steel wool when...there they were. They're bigger than US Dobies and don't use the Dobie name, just "Scotch-Brite" but they are the real thing. Much better than regular sponges because of the outer layer of scrubby (but not scratchy) stuff...Reader, I bought 3.