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11 July 2009


What happens when a 4-year-old eats cherries.

Karen & Suzanne (& Willie) & me

On the way back to Cville from greater Corning (actually miles and miles out of the way but sometimes you just want to do these things) I stopped overnight in NJ at the home of my midwifery school classmate Karen. My friend & former colleague Suzanne drove out from Brooklyn that afternoon so we could have dinner and a sleepover together. The next morning after breakfast we all went to meet Karen's grandsons at her daughter's house. Willie wanted to be in the photo.

Dad & Anne

I did a long weekend road trip from Cville to Greater Corning where several family members live, including my father who will be 91 in 10 days ("If I make it that long"). Mom died early in 2004 and after a tough year, Dad met Anne and they really hit it off.

escape from (Oz) winter trip

Been in the US since 17 June. Of course, the time has flown by, and I leave for home in 3 days. Most of the time I've been in Cville with Jo, Wes and Zara, who turned 4 on 27 June.