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29 November 2008

My midwifery mates

This is us enjoying an end-of-the-school-year celebratory lunch at Hundred Acre Bar, the restaurant at the St Lucia golf club. At this club anyway, the restaurant, and golf, are open to anyone. I know nothing about the course but the food is good and the setting spectacular. From left to right, here are: Penny Buntine (midwifery continuing ed, Queensland Health); Peta Winters-Chang (clinical lecturer, UQ SONM); Jane Menke (clinical lecturer, UQ SONM--she was already dreaming of her 9-week holiday that was about to start!); Fiona Bogossian (assoc prof and my research mentor, UQ SONM); Susannah Brady (midwifery coordinator and clinical lecturer, UQ SONM); me; and Helen Goodwin (clinical lecturer, UQ SONM).

19 November 2008


After about 6 weeks of looking, we found a house! And the interesting coincidence about this house is that it's next door to the home of our current landlords. If all goes well, we should be moving in in mid- to late December.

04 November 2008

This stops a nation??

Today was The Big Event (yawn)...the immediate world here stopped work or whatever they were doing to don silly hats, drink a lot, and watch a 3 minute horse race. Strange. If you really want to see more, visit

01 November 2008

Helidon Hotel

Doesn't it look like an Old West movie set?

Performing Scotties

These little gals did some AMAZING stunts, like...walking around the stage; sitting; standing still. Cute outfits though.

Scottish country dancing

The dances have names and look remarkably like English country dances.

'Tis but a flesh wound!

Knight school, looking like a scene from Holy Grail.

Dulce et decorum est...

This is the 'learn-to-be-a-knight' tent at the Celtic fest.

why Oz is almost as fat as the US

This was one of the lunch offerings at the Celtic fest. Just your ordinary mega-caloric stuffed baked potato.

Pipe band jammin'

These guys marched down the street and just jammed.

The tartan flag at the Celtic fest

I drove to Helidon, about 60 miles west of Brisbane, to attend the Celtic Festival of Queensland. It had a heavy Scottish flavour as will be seen in many of these photos. This booth had sample books where you could look up your family tartan. There is no Long family tartan, or Hodge either. There is a Craig though!