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29 November 2008

My midwifery mates

This is us enjoying an end-of-the-school-year celebratory lunch at Hundred Acre Bar, the restaurant at the St Lucia golf club. At this club anyway, the restaurant, and golf, are open to anyone. I know nothing about the course but the food is good and the setting spectacular. From left to right, here are: Penny Buntine (midwifery continuing ed, Queensland Health); Peta Winters-Chang (clinical lecturer, UQ SONM); Jane Menke (clinical lecturer, UQ SONM--she was already dreaming of her 9-week holiday that was about to start!); Fiona Bogossian (assoc prof and my research mentor, UQ SONM); Susannah Brady (midwifery coordinator and clinical lecturer, UQ SONM); me; and Helen Goodwin (clinical lecturer, UQ SONM).

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