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15 December 2008

House! really! this is it!!

Sadly, house #1 fell through when the building inspector found more problems that we wanted to have to fix. So back to the open house circuit we went. Back to, as it turns out, one of the houses we looked at early in the game. Phil loved it right away; I had to warm up to it. It's more house than we need, certainly; but it is spectacular and unique. This is the deck where we will be spending most of our waking at-home hours. That is, if the mortgage company decides to lend us the money to buy it! If all goes well, we should be moving in mid-January.

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deb gowen said...

This is so beautiful! I am so-ooo! jealous. I hope all goes through and soon you will be all settled in and enjoying tea on the terrace. Happy Holidays to both of you.