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12 May 2006

I never thought I would be doing this, this being creating a blog. It's not like I have too much time on my hands. But as making quilts has become more and more important in my life, it seems like a good way to be able to show off what I do. So take a look every now and then to see the quilts I've finished, and what I'm working on.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Naryanne - long time no hear, no see. Pam and I are now living in California near SF - I've been working for Gilead for 4 years.
Pam is running for the school board in our town. Andrew just started grad school - Berkeley in education - and Jeremy is finding himself (at home).
I happened to speak to Ken yesterday and asked him to send pictures of your granddaughter. Congratulations, by the way. I followed the links to your blog and discovered your quilt habit. My sister Leanne is a quilter as well, so I am well aware of the quilting bug.
So send an email when you get a chance:

Anonymous said...

Oops - I meant Maryanne, not Naryanne. I still can't type.

decafbabe said...

Hi - I am Alvan's sister Leanne and I love your quilts. It looks like one of them is Turning Twenty Again - I am making it for my daughter. I did Turning Twenty for Alvan last year. I quilt with a group at Ann's Fabrics in Canton once a week and then on Tuesdays, I quilt in Kingston at a church hall. Everytime I go to Alvan's in CA, Pam and I go to all the different quilt shops and then to the Internation Quilt Festival (the same one they had in Manchester last week). I can be reached at if you want to contact me. decafbabe