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24 July 2008

Zara's visit to Marmee & 'Buelo

We had a brief solo visit with Zara at our house in July. It didn't work out that well; bedtime was a challenge (sob, sniff, wail); and there was no such thing as a nap! But once Mama and Dada were back, things were pretty good. Z was thrilled to ride the pony, and enjoyed cooling off in the sprayground later that same day.

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jmbcraig said...

naps still happen the majority of the time here, but they take a lot of effort on the part of the nap-inducer, and are taking more, not less... i know far too many friends her age who don't nap anymore, but she's just a bit too cranky if she doesn't and needs to go to bed a bit earlier than we can really get our act together to make happen, so naps stay for now :)

she still talks about the pony ride/visit.