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06 March 2010

First MS submitted!

After nearly a year of intermittent work, last Sunday night I uploaded the manuscript for my first paper, "Prevalence of work-related upper quadrant musculoskeletal disorders in midwives, nurses and physicians" to the target journal, Journal of Advanced Nursing. Two days later I realized I had made two errors that needed to be fixed. So it's temporarily "unsubmitted" until I get the errors fixed, then I'll upload it again. The first problem was their fault for not saying that I should put the email addresses of the co-authors on the title page in the instructions for authors. But the second one was all mine; on my diagram of the body parts that comprise the upper quadrant (neck, shoulder, upper back) the key says that shoulder is upper back and vice versa. No worries though, she'll be right, my graphics consultant will fix it.

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